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About Us

Living Yoga Academy is brought to you through the collaboration of Jennifer Patterson and Paula Horvath who have a combined teaching experience of over 25 years and a combined yoga practice experience of nearly 50 years. Both Jennifer and Paula understand that yoga is a path to embodied wisdom for those wanting a more grounded, balanced and fulfilling life.


There are many opportunities to participate in this program whether you want to be a yoga teacher, to deepen your practice with advanced studies or touch into periodic workshops. Our programs offer a non-dogmatic and pragmatic approach to the yoga practice and teaching while upholding and honoring the sacred roots of this powerful path.

Living Yoga is For:

The curious

  • Anyone wanting a deeper understand of their own body and an embodied yoga practice

  • Anyone wanting to improve their own health and well-being

  • Anyone open to the teachings of yoga

The seekers

  • Students who want to know more about the philosophies, the science, the anatomy, the psychology, and the history of yoga

  • Students seeking deeper understanding of yoga, ayurveda and/or meditation

  • Students ready to embark upon a more committed practice

  • Students who want to connect deeper with a community

The empowered

  • Therapists, social workers and others wanting to bring an integrated approach with yoga to treatments

  • Body-workers of all modalities seeking integrated knowledge

  • Yoga and Movement Teachers wanting more resources, understanding and mentorships

  • Those wanting to become 200/300/500 hour Certified Yoga Teachers

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Collaborate with Us!

​Living Yoga Academy is committed to empowering people to realize their full potential through the wisdom and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. We offer an educational, professional, practical, non-dogmatic and non-denominational approach that integrates many different styles and traditions of yoga with modern wisdom. Our courses are offered in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for learning that empowers individuals to establish and maintain their own individual beliefs while celebrating diversity.


At LYA we collaborate with you to bring Teacher Trainings and Advanced Studies to your studio. Currently we offer 200 and 300 hour trainings as well as workshops and retreats that can be specially designed to meet the needs of your studio and students. Our programs are flexible and dynamic and as a sponsoring studio you can participate in the way that works for you. Please contact us to speak further about how you can offer advanced and deeper teachings at your studio.  


...Paula and Jennifer make a great teaching combo with their individual scope of experiences and teaching styles... it is clear that they live and embody what they teach. Their dedication to Yoga and commitment to mentor and train new teachers is a heartfelt dedication They consistently demonstrated patience, compassion, humor, accountability and professionalism, holding us to a high standard while honoring our differences. An amazing experience that has positively influenced my life in all domains.

With gratitude and best regards, Lola Whiteley

Sweet magic occurs when these 2 teachers team up and lead through a gentle learning process and hold/support your own personal transformation. To really learn new things, I need a positive/loving vibe and a safe space.  These 2 intuitive teachers provide just that. They are both experienced, compassionate and very encouraging  teachers! Highly recommended!

Helen Trevelyan

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