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I listen, 

no longer deaf -

to hear the voices of the ancestors, the earth, myself.

I speak,

no longer mute -

to share the gifts of love and belonging  given to me.


About Paula

Paula's Offerings:


Yoga Practice & Philosophy


Reclaiming Soul Series


Women's Circles


Myth, Story and Song Circles

Council Facilitation

Yoga Wellness One-on-One

Weaving and Ancestor Stories

Private Group Classes

Private Wellness Yoga



I am so grateful for the life I've been given and for the opportunity I have to be of service. I have been gifted so much - from my family and children; from the ancestors; from the earth and nature; and from the inherent and sacred wisdom within. All that I offer comes through me rather than from me, and I am profoundly grateful to be of service to The Source of wisdom we all carry. 


I am a loyal mother, wife friend and sister who loves fiercely. I feel a deep purpose to bridge "otherness" through love, compassion and truly recognizing the gifts carried by everyone. I see the good in all people and through that have been led to love all people. Integrity and honesty are my foundation, and often that means having difficult conversations, standing alone or facing my own demons. I'm willing to stay in difficult conversations, do the hard work, lean into others and listen deeply and with an open heart. I care about transforming conflict and adversity as well as joy and experience into opportunities for growth and introspection. Ultimately, I seek authentic relationships and community that are built on transparency and heart-felt connection.  


When I took my first yoga class as a teenager, little did I know that it would became a cornerstone of my life for the next 30 years. During that time I have had the opportunity to study and practice many styles of yoga including hatha, viniyoga, ashtanga, anusara and Iyengar, and I completed an RYT-200 hour teaching program designed to bring the body back to its natural balance. I have studied with many master teachers including Doug Keller, Ganga White, Tim Miller and many more, and I continue to deepen my knowledge and hone my expertise through regular practice, study and teaching.


I have taught classes, workshops and trainings for thousands of hours during which I bring a blended style that focuses on yoga as a process of self-discovery and a practice of  listening to the body and mind in order to tune into the deep and intuitive wisdom carried within.



Beyond yoga, my study includes community and cultural restoration practices focused on bridging “otherness”; listening and speaking from the heart to cultivate unity with self and others; the healing of personal and cultural wounds; and the honoring of individual transitions within the community context. Nature is my first and always teacher. Through her I have grown to trust my intuition and knowing, and have found a profound sense of grounding.


Soul Lineage

I am fortunate to have a dynamic "soul lineage" - those teachers and teachings which have defined my approach and my purpose. The teachers include grief and soul work with Francis Weller; elder-hood, grief and dying with Stephen Jenkinson; myth and story with Michael Moore; peacemaking with Paul Raphael; council with the Circle for Council; Dreamwork with Toko-Pa Turner; the subtle and inherent teachings of trees, plants and the earth; countless hours of reading and independent inquiry; and so very much more.



All of the teachings gifted to me have clarified a profound sense of purpose which is expressed through ceremony, grief process, holding sacred space, mentoring, conflict transformation and sharing story and song. These practices integrate with the timeless practice of yoga to foster deep connection to community, nature, self and the sacred. 

Education, Training and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature – UC Irvine

  • Bachelor of Arts, Studio Arts – UC Irvine

  • Secondary Art and English Teaching Credential – UC Irvine

  • 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Advanced Studies and Teacher Training

  • Countless workshops, classes and practices

  • Peacemaking in Practice Workshop

Skills to foster and implement peaceful conflict transformation within the community and the self

  • The Art of Mentoring Immersion 

Create regenerative community practices through mentoring and nature connection

  • Circle Council Training / The Center for Council

Promote communication and foster compassion through attentive listening and authentic expression

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