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  • Paula Horvath

5 Reasons to Practice Early Morning Yoga

Updated: May 27, 2019

Practice at the best time for your mind and body!

Yoga is an amazing practice! It is so much more than poses on a mat. In addition to movement, yoga incorporates breathing, meditation and more. It can resolve pain in our body, increase flexibility and strength and help us cope with stress. It is a deeply powerful practice that has the ability to transform those who are willing to embark on the journey of regular practice. As our bodies begin to feel different from practice, we also find that a greater sense of peace, harmony and well being emerges. Yoga helps us to remain present and more in touch with ourselves and our experiences. The result is a deeper connection to our bodies, our food, our environment, our relationships and our inner and outer world.

Regular practice is the key to these gifts of yoga, and morning practice is the best time of the day to establish that practice. Here are 5 reasons to get you to the mat in the morning.

1 - Feel Energized and Awake

Your body tingles after a practice, and your mind is alert. You feel as if you've had the best sleep of your life!

2 - Be Inspired and Uplifted

Yoga boosts serotonin! And, before you get into the hustle and bustle of your day, you already know you've done something good for your body and mind.

3 - Increase Metabolism

Start the day with increased metabolism. Morning physical activity also tends to lead to healthier food choices throughout the day.

4 - Have a Clear and Focused Mind

The meditative quality of yoga clears your mind of clutter. When you've tapped into the calm and peaceful center of your being, you begin the day focused and clear-headed.

5 - Feel Healthy and Pain Free Body

Stretch out the kinks and aches of the night. The practice lubricates the joints and stretches the muscles so that your body will feel good all day.

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