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  • Paula Horvath

The Soul's Longing

The Souls Longing

Tell me what feeds your soul? What feeds her.

What lurks in her darkness?

Listen to the whisper of your souls longing for herself.

Listen to the whisper of your souls longing to be seen - to be known.

The soul knows.

She longs for beauty, for imagination for creativity, for connection, for belonging. She longs for community - grandmothers and grandfathers, ancestors, the laughter of children.

She longs for the smell of earth, the sound of bird-song in the trees, the sound of the wind, the crickets and the frog.

She longs for you to hear her whisper.

She longs for you to know your purpose - the one she has for you. It’s rooted in her.

The roots go deep into mother earth - entwined in the dark depths, these life-affirming roots of soul merged into the tapestry of all that is.

This is belonging to and of and for she...

You, made of stardust and dirt and bark and leaves and rivers - made of this nature stuff

- the body of the mother, the soul of the mother, entwined.

The sacred feminine divine - soul, body, earth.

Fed by her grace and her body and your soul entwined, combined.

Sacred all.

Tell me. Can you hear her.

Listen. Listen.

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