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  • Paula Horvath

You Already Know, And You Are Enough

I’m sure you’ve realized that the external pursuit for knowledge and self-validation through study and learning doesn’t get anyone very far. It’s a vicious cycle of constantly trying to prove to yourself and others that you’re worthy. It’s only when you see your own intrinsic value that things begin to shift. It’s not an external thing.

Each of us has to go into the depths of our pain and sit with it - it is a solo journey of being with ourselves and all that we carry - witnessing ourselves without judgment, without trying to fix, allowing all emotions to flow, sitting with discomfort and fear, and truly experiencing grief. There is no logic, strategizing, or figuring-out in this solo place. It is a time to commune with nature - hike, sit, be, rest, and allow this deep body-space to do the work of hollowing us out, deepening us to our core, and reminding us of who we are. It happens when we allow the flow of what is.

This churning moves the stuck places of ourselves. It opens our creative energy and welcomes in imagination and beauty once more. It shows us the path to self-love and the self care practice that we need.

There is no guidebook for this work and no one can do it for you. It’s an inside job, and the only teacher is the self listening to itself. You really don’t ‘do’ anything. The work does you. The mind clears and this space creates a breeding ground for true knowing.

The process is long and cannot be rushed. Sit in stillness. Listen to the earth and her trees. Be.

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