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This is your body, your greatest gift, pregnant with wisdom you do not hear, grief you thought was forgotten, and joy you have never known.

― Marion Woodman


Self Care

6-Weeks of Self Care for Women

Indulge in self-care to feed your mind, body and soul. The series, 6-weeks of Self Care for Women, brings together 6 talented female wellness practitioners to offer you a truly indulgent and well-deserved respite. Each week is like a mini-retreat crafted to nurture and support your self-care and self-love. 

The series is held at the beautiful and rustic Crows End Retreat in Squire Canyon nestled in natures beauty! 


We look forward to having you join our circle of women as we support and love each other in community.

See details about each practitioner below.

Topics include:

- Pelvic care and health

- Face and neck yoga

- Qoya and body wisdom

- Ayurveda for women

- Sacred sound and song

- Feeding the skin and body

- Breathwork and meditation

- Ceremony, circle, ritual

- Visioning and imagining

- Yoga and yoga nidra

- and so much more

Angela Sarah

2017-06-11 17.28.23.jpg

Ayurvedic 'Kitchen Medicine 

How we nourish ourselves is a direct reflection of our mental and emotional well being. How we nourish ourselves also reflects to us the relationship we have with our own bodies. You will learn a brief overview of Ayurveda, discover your digestive type and learn about herbal medicine in the kitchen for healing. Angela Sarah will share 5 spices for cooking and supporting digestion for optimal health and well being. Everyone will make their own spice blend to bring home. Chai Tea (non caffeinated) from India will be served along with Ayurvedic Bliss Balls. Recipe will be shared. 

Lauren Christine

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 11.04.09

Sacred Sound, Healing Through Song 

Indigenous cultures spanning the ages and globe have utilized song as reverent expression: to process emotions and facilitate healing, in times of transition and celebration, as a way to connect to wisdom and inspire creativity- singing is freedom for the soul! Together we will gather in circle to explore the sacred nature of song/sound and experience the beauty and power in raising our voices and hearts in community. If you have a drum or rattle please bring it along, no musical experience necessary. Come as you are... 

Tawny Sterios



Tawny will be offering a feminine movement practice called QOYA. Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember, as women, our essence is wise wild and free. The class is a blend of modalities that lead us to feel more connected to the sacred pulse of life within. The ancient wisdom practices of yoga, meditation and prayer will be offered as well as explorations into the creative expression of dance and movement as medicine.

Hannah Wassenberg


Tending the Face

Hanna Wassenberg, yoga teacher, massage therapist and Midwife in training, will be offering a face-rejuvenating experience! We will be working to both relax and tone the muscles of the face and will learn techniques to give ourselves facial massage. In addition, we will work with massage in the upper body lymph and will delve into the meaning of true beauty from within. Please come with a clean, makeup-free face, and wear comfortable layers. (Clothing may get damp and/or oily.) Bring a yoga mat.

Laura Knutson


Heart Connection

Laura Knutson, certified Yoga Therapist, will offer a heart connecting and replenishing practice, honoring and experiencing the nature of love within and around us.  We will open to our hearts with the medicine of drinking cacao together (decaf teas available), and foster the connections made with supportive sister sharing. We will then draw inward with gentle movement and self massage, migrating into restorative yoga postures, heart opening meditations, breathwork and deep stillness.  An evening allowing ourselves to give, receive, integrate and embody this love we have been offering to ourselves the entire wellness series! Please bring a mat, journal and bolster if you have one.

Paula Horvath


Pelvic Care and Wellness

Come into connection with both the physical and energetic aspects of your pelvic bowl, considered the root of the body. It is through this root center - the mooladhara chakra, the yoni, the womb space -  that women ground deeper into ourselves, our wisdom and our power. Gain an intimate understanding of your pelvis and the magic carried within through visualization, massage, relaxation and strengthening exercises. You will also learn techniques to continue this exploration, at home and will have the opportunity to borrow a yoni steamer to experience the benefits of yoni steaming.

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